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Welcome to Princess's Cottage: The Nails Story V2.0


Please take a moment to fill up this form so that we can render the best eyelash or eyebrow service for you.

Medical Information

Please TICK if your answer is "Yes". If, yes, we would require you to briefly describe your condition to your therapist.


1. Princess's Cottage: The Nails Story V2.0 will not be liable for any caused of allergy or sensitive reaction from the products used or purchased. Customers are obliged to understand his/her skin, eye or health medical condition before doing all new treatments / products. Patch test are recommended.

2. All treatments and treatment products are non refundable.

3. In any case where the customer request to stop in the mist of any treatment, the treatment shall be deemed as a full completed session. 

4. Customers are advised to follow the direction of after care to achieve the desired result from the treatment and prevent any unfavourable results or outcome.


I confirm (to the best of my knowledge) that the information I have provided is accurate and complete. I have not withheld any information that may be relevant to my treatment and/or the results thereof. I am aware that there are often inherent risk associated with skin care or lash services including lash/brow booster treatment, keratin lash lift, semi permanent mascara that I am about to receive could have unfavourable results including, but not limited to: allergic reactions, redness, soreness, etc. 

By clicking "Acknowledged" below, I further agree that I will not hold Princess's Cottage: The Nails Story V2.0 or its affiliates or any of its employees responsible should there be any unfavourable outcome or results.

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