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Our Achievement

Sole Distributor for Shinygel & Famous Names


We are proud to be the Sole Distributor for Shinygel in South East Asia and Famous Names in Singapore. The only reason for the collaboration is because we want to have a brand that represent us. For us, to choose Shinygel to represent us wasn't a difficult choice because we believe in taking care of all of our customers nail. Shinygel concept is to protect the essence of natural nail, that's why the line of products they made are mild acidic, lasting & easy removal and lastly 100% Made In Japan. As for IBX treatment system, its a testament that reflects itself. Its the only solution to restore and revive your natural nails. Having more consumer that are conscious about healthy nails on top of the basic needs of  pretty and lasting, these 2 brands work hand in hand to address the change that we expect in the nails industry. Now,what are you waiting for? 

For sales enquiry, please drop us and email to or SMS/ WA us at +65 8233 5401

Singapore Book of Record

To celebrate Mother’s Day, female shoppers at Seletar Mall were treated to complimentary manicure on 7 May 2016. Two of the mall’s tenants – Princess’s Cottage: The Nails Story and The Nails Status – provided the pampering service to 218 participants over a 3-hr period that day.


SG Book of Record

Shinygel International Distributor - Gold Prize

We are humbled and thankful to be the only international distributor to be awarded the Gold Prize. It gave us great confident of the brand and philosophy that the brand want to be across. Beauty and Healthy can be achieved with the Right products and Right handling.

For sales enquiry, please drop us and email to or SMS/ WA us at +65 8233 5401

Shinygel Gold Distributor
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