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Bridal Testimonial

You don't want to miss a chance to enhance your photo with the nail arts that best bring out your big day.

Thank you for letting us be part of it. 

“ Creative and innovative. Always fresh with new designs upon request.”


Iris Sim,

I did my manicure for both my pre-wedding shoots and actual wedding day at Princess' Cottage. The manicurists there are professional especially Joanna. She is always creative and the bridal nails that she did for me were so beautifully done that I have received a lot of compliments from my friends and colleagues. Thank you Princess' Cottage for perfecting my wedding!!

Hazel Tan,

Joanna Lee from Princess Cottage customized and designed this unique nail art according to my like - Blings!
I am extremely impressed by the professionalism and pleasantly surprise by the design - lovely, special and elegant!
Friends and family love it and commented that the design suits me. During my honeymoon in Japan, many Japanese  took noticed it and likes them. I must say to receive such from a fashion leading country like Japan, it is really a compliment. 
As a bride, this attention definitely makes my wedding and honeymoon more memorable. 
Everything was still intact even after 6+ weeks.
All thanks to Princess's Cottage!

Chantel Chew,

All bride will always want to be in their best on their special day. 

Being a stressful bride means wanting to get everything  (major + minor details) to be look into. 

Princess Cottage (Joanna) gives me an ease in mind when my big day is just a day away! 

Having simple chats (as I have no idea of what kind of designs / nail art I wanted) she managed to come out with ideas for my special day. 

Thank you for being thoughtful and taking your busy time off from your family for my nails! 

At the moment when my husband and I are exchanging our wedding ring, I smile as I look at my nails.

I made the right choice to choose Princess Cottage! 

It's always an enjoyable experience with Princess Cottage!

Joanna Foo

Having been to Princess Cottage a number of times, each experience had been pleasant & relaxing. I would specially like to compliment Joanna Lee for her patience, gentleness & creativity. That was also part of the reason why I chose to get my nails done at Princess Cottage for my bridal shot & actual day wedding. She met all my requirements & came up with 2 sets of fabulous & lasting nails which I received lots of praises from family & friends. Kudos to Joanna & the entire team! Thanks again.

Justine Leong,

Having been to Princess Cottage many times, I always receive compliments from my colleagues on the interesting and beautiful designs on my nails.


I had my manicure done at Princess Cottage for both my bridal shot and actual wedding day. The team at the bridal studio commented that the design is unique and elegant. On my wedding day, I received various compliments from family and friends on the lovely manicure done by Joanna Lee.


Thank you Joanna and her team for their stunning masterpieces!

Serena Lee

It wasn't hard for me to decide that i do not want the usual wedding nails design..being served by the talented and creative Joanna, she suggested the nail designs that I can have.. My hub had his thumb done too :) I received many compliments for my nails, making my special day a even better one.. Thank u Princess Cottage, thank u Joanna, I have received your well wishes from the effort u take in ensuring that i have the most beautiful nails for the day :)

Julia Chia

My once-in-a-lifetime moment couldn't be more perfect with the delicately designed nails that Joanna had specially prepared for me.. I wanted pretty nails, she gave me out-of-the-world ones to perfect the most important day of my life. Thank you very much my princess cottage!

Jasmine Lian

I just could't risk to have my bridal nails to be done at any other place. Totally love and impress by the workmanship and everlasting nails that I can take off my mind to prepare on one of our most important day. Thank you and you have totally bought me over. 


Carine Chen

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